Coconut water has been consumed for centuries in tropical countries, and it has been used to treat a variety of diseases.Coconut water possesses unique nutritional qualities.It contains phytohormones that has antioxidant, anti-aging effects on human skin cells,anti-cancer effects, and positive effects on treating neurological diseases. the primary nutrient in coconut water is potassium, making it a high electrolyte beverage Electrolytes are critical to maintain blood volume, heart health, as well as to prevent dehydration. Maintaining electrolyte levels can help reduce fatigue and stress .it also contains a small amount of sodium, calcium and magnesium .It is also lower in carbohydrates compared to other sports drinks. For all these properties the coconut water lowers blood pressure,prevents weight loss, increases athletic performance, boosts energy, helps to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol, reduces cellulite,relax muscle tension. With these nutrition benefits is coconut water good for you? The answer is yes! If you really like the flavor, it can be a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to soda. It is pretty refreshing to consume on a hot day and to help hydrate.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Promotes Weight Loss

Boosts Hydration

Strengthens Bones