Coco 4 You since 2016


Coco 4 you is a tropical franchise that was born in Brazil under the name of Coco Express. It emerged with the purpose of implementing a new method in the sale of coconut water while offering a new system of extraction and cooling, that guarantees the quality of a product 100% natural and fresh. Our main product is coconut water which is extracted from its fruit hygienically. After extraction, the water is cooled and bottled immediately giving customers a refreshing and healthy drink, but mostly natural. Through highly innovative techniques, we also offer the mass of coconut in their natural state and a range of products derived therefrom. Besides the United States, Coco Express is successfully active in different countries such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, France, Portugal and Mexico.

Drink Healthy, Drink Coco 4 You